IQeol help a carer and her family

August 2017

Recycled laptops make a difference to carers

Bereneice cares for her husband who was left permanently disabled following a sudden illness ten years ago. Unable to juggle the demands of caring with work, Bereneice had to give up her job. Her husband’s condition means she finds it hard to leave the house for more than a few hours and has been unable to access the training she would need to find a job that would fit around her caring role.

Sharon from Carer Support Wiltshire contacted IQeol intelligent recycling to see if they could help. IQeol, an ethical recycling and refurbishing company had recently collected redundant equipment from Structuretone UK. They were able to data wipe, refurbish and donate a laptop to Bereniece and her family.

Bereneice has used it to order her daughters school uniform and do the weekly shop: two things that have already eased the to-do list. It will also allow her to complete on-line training and add to her skills, as well as providing a way to share the family’s interest in wildlife photography.

IQeol also recently helped our Young Adult Carer team by donating a laptop to a 22 year old Syrian refugee who cares for her mother and brother. The laptop will enable the young carer to learn English with a view to returning to work. It will also help her feel less isolated by making it easier for her to stay in contact with family in Germany and Jordan.

Thank you to IQeol and Structuretone UK.

Pictured is Bereneice, her daughter and husband collecting their laptop.