October 2017

Top Five Flu Facts for Carers

Did you know that you are eligible for a FREE flu vaccine this winter? STAY_WELL_THIS_WINTER_Final_Logo3_SHAD_RGB-01 (3)

  • If you are the main carer for someone with a long-term health condition or disability, you are eligible for a FREE flu vaccination
  • As long as you’re a carer, there is no age restriction for having this vaccine
  • You can have your flu vaccine at your GP surgery or a participating pharmacy
  • You cannot catch flu from the vaccine – it doesn’t contain any live viruses
  • It is recommended that you get vaccinated every winter to make sure you are protected against new flu viruses

What is ‘the flu’ and why should I get vaccinated?

Influenza (The ‘flu’) is a common infectious illness that, for most healthy individuals, is an unpleasant but self-limiting disease.  However, for older people or those with underlying health conditions, there is an increased risk that the flu will lead to serious complications. To help protect yourself and the person you care for, the NHS recommends that you have a flu vaccination each winter.

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can have your free flu jab at your GP surgery or participating pharmacy from October each year. Ask your GP or local pharmacy when they are running clinics.

So don’t let the flu spoil your fun this winter – get your free flu jab and look after you and the person you care for.

For further information, visit the NHS Choices website.