November 2017

Does your employer care?

Working for Carers are urging people to ask the question, do you care, this Carers Rights Day -24th November 2017

With nearly 1 in 8 people juggling work with caring for a loved one, many employers are missing a trick when it comes to showing their caring side, and run the risk of losing valuable members of their workforce.

A recent report by Oxford Economics revealed that it costs £30,000 to replace a staff member, with much of the cost coming from loss of output, cost of recruiting and the time it takes for a new employee to reach optimum productivity level.

“People should ask their existing employer and any prospective employer, do you care, and if so, what do you have in place to support me if a member of my family suffers from poor health, or suddenly becomes ill?” says, Lizzie Rapley from Working for Carers.

Pictured are Sales Director, David Kilmurray and Account Manager, Martin Clist from Working for Carers members, Corsham Print. They’re answer was a firm yes.

“Becoming a Working for Carers member has been an important step in supporting and identifying carers within our workforce.”

Working for Carers is a membership and accreditation scheme set up by local charity, Carer Support Wiltshire to help employers create carer friendly workplaces.

“Employers who are carer aware and can offer flexitime, job shares, home-working or part-time options have a reputation for being family friendly and forward thinking, and as a result are much more attractive to future employees. Supporting the carers in your workforce means reduced absence, increased productivity, improved morale and the retention of talented and experienced staff,” continues Lizzie. “It makes business sense.”

Due to its success Working for Carers is now being expanded across the South West and Midlands with Worcestershire Association of Carers launching early next year and partnerships with Forward Carers in Birmingham and Cornwall Rural Community Charity.

To find out more about Working for Carers visit their website: